Sickness Benefit

Sickness Benefit FAQs

A benefit paid to employees/self-employed persons who are temporarily unable to work due to an illness, except in the case of an injury or disease sustained on the job.

Complete the Sickness Benefit Claim Form on the NIS Web Portal and submit it to your employer who will thereafter submit to the National Insurance Scheme.

A Sickness Benefit claim must be submitted to the NIS office within three (3) months from the start date of the sick leave.

  1. Be temporarily incapable of work due to illness (physical or mental).
  2. Be employed or self-employed at the time the illness began.
  3. Be registered with the NIS for at least 3 months.
  4. Have at least two (2) months’ contributions immediately before the start date of the sick leave.
  5. Be losing wages.
  6. Be between the ages of 16 and the pensionable age.

Sickness Benefit is only payable if the person is sick for four days or more; payment will be made from the first day of the sick leave provided it is not the last day worked.

The rate of Sickness Benefit is 65% of your average salary (insurable earnings).

  1. Sickness Benefit is paid initially up to a maximum period of 26 weeks.
  2. A further 26 weeks may be paid if the employee/self-employed person has been employed for at least three (3) years and in the last three (3) complete contribution years has contributed for at least 18 months.

The employees/self-employed person may be entitled to an Invalidity Benefit if the qualifying conditions are met.

An employee/self-employed person may be disqualified from receiving a Sickness Benefit if he/she:

  • Becomes ill because of his/her own misconduct.
  • Fails to comply with a written notice from the NIS requiring him/her to take a medical or other examination.
  • Engages in behaviors that retard the recovery process.
  • Carries out work for which wages is or would normally be paid.
  • Receiving earnings while absent due to illness
  • Fails to answer any queries made by the NIS, to determine his/her continued entitlement to benefit.
  • Absent from place of residence without giving any current or new address
  • Does not submit the claim within the time frame specified.