Unemployment Benefit - Effective 1st May 2023

Unemployment Benefit FAQs

Effective 1st May 2023. A benefit paid to registered unemployed employees/self-employed persons who have lost their jobs involuntarily through no fault of their own. This includes workers in the private sector, public sector, statutory bodies, and work permit holders.

Complete an unemployment benefit claim form on the NIS Web Portal (my.nisgrenada.org) along with the termination certificate and submit to the NIS.

What is the Employer’s Responsibility?

The employer must complete and submit a termination certificate to the NIS and the employee within seven (7) days of termination through the NIS Web Portal.

An employer who fails to provide a termination certificate commits an offence and is liable to a fine of five hundred dollars ($500) and imprisonment for three (3) months.

A claim for unemployment benefit must be submitted within 15 days from the start date of unemployment.

The individual receiving the unemployment benefit must complete and submit a biweekly declaration form no later than the 3rd day of the second week to confirm that they are still unemployed and actively seeking employment.

  1. The applicant must be unemployed and not in receipt of any payment related to his or her previous employment including vacation pay, severance pay and pay in lieu of notice.
  2. Be unemployed for at least seven (7) consecutive days.
  3. Be under the current pensionable age.
  4. Be registered with the NIS and contributing for at least 52 weeks (1 year).
  5. Have at least 8 contribution weeks within the 13 contribution weeks immediately before the start date of unemployment and have at least thirteen contribution weeks in the twenty-six contribution weeks immediately before the start date of unemployment.

The rate of Unemployment Benefit is 50% of your average weekly insurable earnings divided by six.

Unemployment Benefit is paid up to a maximum of 13 weeks or 3 months.

  1. Is employed and earning wages or while receiving the unemployment benefit, becomes employed.
  2. Was terminated from his or her employment due to misconduct including theft, fraud or dishonesty.
  3. Voluntarily left his or her job.
  4. Refuses or fails to apply for suitable employment that is vacant after becoming aware that such position is vacant or will become vacant.
  5. Fails to accept a position for suitable employment after it has been offered to him or her.
  6. Refuses or fails to complete any necessary training or carry out any written directions given by the Director.
  7. Is confined to a prison, a hospital, or another similar institution.
  8. Is receiving sickness benefit, maternity benefit, employment injury benefit, age benefit or invalidity benefit.
  9. Has exceeded the maximum period (13 weeks) for claiming the benefit within the fifty-two (52) week period.

You must be resident in Grenada to receive the benefit. However, if you are abroad temporarily to seek treatment for an illness that started before you left Grenada, consideration will be given.

The benefit will be paid once every 2 weeks in arrears through bank/credit union deposit.