General FAQ

Under the CARICOM Reciprocal Agreement on Social Security, if a person works in more than one member country and paid sufficient contributions in each country to qualify for a pension then, each country is required to pay him a separate pension based on its local Regulations. However, if he did not pay sufficient contributions to qualify for a pension in each country, the contributions paid in each member country is combined to assist him/her in meeting the qualifying conditions for such a pension. If upon combining his contributions he qualifies for such a pension, each member country where he worked is required to pay a proportional amount of the pension payable. Grenada is a party to the CARICOM Reciprocal Agreement on Social Security,

 Grenada also has a Reciprocal arrangement with the Canadian Social Security.

The employee must present  the following documents:

  • An original certified birth certificate
  • A valid picture ID
  • An original certified marriage certificate (if applicable)

Self-employed persons can qualify for all the benefits offered by the NIS.

Every employee/self-employed person in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique (including non-nationals) must register with the NIS, and must pay contributions.

No, but a Maternity Grant is available for the husband of a woman who does not qualify for a Maternity Benefit.


That is the maximum salary on which NIS contributions must be deducted. Currently it is $5,000 for monthly paid workers. This includes:

  • Overtime payment;
  • Cost of living bonus;
  • Commission on sales or similar payments;
  • Gratuities
  • Payments for night or shift-work
  • Production bonus;
  • Service charge
  • Holiday pay etc.

Contributors are entitled to claim as many times as they meet the qualifying conditions for a benefit.

There are penalties for employers who fail to pay contributions to the N.I.S. The first step is that a surcharge of 10% of the contributions due and unpaid for the month and interest of 1% for every month that the amount remains outstanding. Employers can also be prosecuted in the courts for the unpaid contributions as well as for non-submission of NIS remittances.

The NIS encourages all contributors to visit the office periodically to find out whether their contributions are actually being paid and that all other personal information are in order.

The normal age is 16-60. However all employed persons regardless of age must register (this includes temporary and part-time workers and students with summer or part-time jobs). The contribution rate for person below or above the normal age is 1%. It is paid by the employer only.

Benefit Claims Submission - Web Portal

All claims for benefits can be submitted via the Web Portal.
Sickness benefit claims may be initiated by either the claimant or the medical practitioner.
If your doctor completes your claim electronically, a physical medical certificate is not required for processing however, if your doctor does not complete your claim electronically then a physical medical certificate is required.
Claims are processed in real-time, and settlement should occur within two (2) business days of receipt. However, where there are discrepancies and employer related issues, payment may be delayed.
You are required to complete all fields electronically. Once completed, click the Submit button located at the bottom-left side of the electronic form. Once submitted, you are then required to click the Send to Employer button which is located at the top-centre section of your screen.
Claims sent to your employer will be automatically displayed under the Claims section of the employer’s screen. It is highly recommended that you verbally inform your employer as well.
There is a built-in messaging function which is the primary means of communication for claims processing. The NIS Staff will communicate errors or discrepancies in the shortest possible time.
A letter of authorization is only required in cases where you, the claimant, have instructed the NIS to make benefit payment to an account in which you are not the accountholder e.g. If you opt to use a family member’s account. (This does not apply to benefit payment assigned to your employer).
Users can either Send to Employer or Withdraw Request.
The status of your claim will transition from “Pending Employer” to “Employer Approved”.