Employment Injury Benefit

Employment Injury Benefit is paid to insured persons (including the self-employed) who are in capable of work due to a work-related injury or disease. Benefits included under Employment Injury are Disablement, Constant Attendance, Medical Expenses, Injury, Funeral and Death.


Employment Injury Benefit

Benefits paid to employees/self-employed persons who sustain a work-related injury or disease. Benefits included under Employment Injury are:

  1. Injury Benefit
  2. Medical Expenses
  3. Disablement Benefit
  4. Death Benefit
  5. Funeral Grant

An insured person may be disqualified from receiving such benefit if the claimant is undergoing imprisonment.

Yes.  You are eligible for payment even if the accident happened while you as an  employee/self-employed person was outside Grenada.

  • Must be registered
  • Must be employed for at least one day
  • Have been injured on the job
  • Report the accident/disease to your employer immediately.
  • Visit your doctor or hospital as soon as possible.
  • Complete the Employment Injury Claim form on the NIS Web Portal my.nisgrenada.org and submit to your employer who will thereafter submit to the NIS.
  • Submit all original bills/receipts for expenses incurred

Injury Benefit

Injury Benefit is the payment to employees/self-employed persons during the period where they are incapable of work due to an injury or contracting a disease during the course of employment.

Complete the Employment Injury Benefit claim form using the NIS Portal. Employment_Injury_Form.

 This claim form must be accompanied by:

  • All original receipts for:
    • Medication
    • doctor’s fees,
    • traveling,
    • hospitalization etc.,

The rate of payment is 70% of your average insurable earnings, up to a maximum period of 52 weeks from the date of the injury/disease .

Medical Expense Benefit

Medical Expenses are the payment to employee/self-employed person for expenses incurred in the treatment of employment injury or disease.

The payment cannot exceed the amount of the reasonable expenses incurred and it must be at a minimum reasonable cost.

  • Medical, surgical, dental and hospital treatment, skilled nursing services and the supply of medicines
  • Supplies, fittings, maintenance, repair and renewal of artificial limbs, dentures, spectacles and other similar apparatus and appliances
  • The cost of traveling for the purpose of obtaining any of the above
  • Fees for airfares, costs of hospitalization and operations undertaken abroad

The Medical Expenses incurred out of State will be paid. However, prior approval should be received from the NIS. If prior approval is not received, the claim payment will be restricted to not more than E.C. $1000

You will need to submit the following:


  1. A referral letter from your local attending physician detailing all procedures, treatment, and services required.
  2. An itemized quotation from the Medical Establishment overseas.
  3. Quotation for airfare and accommodation.
  4. Original receipts of transportation services and medical services done overseas, appropriately notarized.

Yes, the NIS can pay medical expenses directly to the service provider if it desires to do so. However, you must submit estimates/invoices along with your written request prior to receiving treatment.  

Disablement Benefit

Disablement Benefit is the payment to employees/self-employed persons who suffer permanent loss of physical or mental faculty which amounts to at least 1% as a result of an employment injury.

The benefit may be paid as a Pension or a Grant, depending on the Doctor’s assessment of the degree of disablement. Thirty percent (30%) or more is equivalent to a Pension and less than 30% is equivalent to a Grant.

If the employee/self-employed person degree of disablement is 100% and the Director is satisfied that as a result of the relevant loss of faculty the beneficiary requires the constant care of another person then the rate of pension shall be increased by 50%.

Death Benefit

Death Benefit is the payment to beneficiaries of employees/self-employed persons who died as a result of Employment Injury. The Death Benefit is payable to a widow or widower for life, however, the benefit ceases if the widow/widower remarries or cohabitates.

  • Spouse,
  • Common law spouse (wholly or mainly maintained by the deceased)
  • Children (who are under the age of 16 at the time of death who were living or wholly or mainly maintained by the deceased)
  • Any other person who was wholly or mainly financially dependent upon the deceased for the provisions of the ordinary necessities of life.

Children are:

  • Unmarried children
  • Adopted
  • Stepchildren
  • Children of the deceased born out of wedlock.

Of the maximum pension available for payment to survivors’, the rate payable is as follows:

  • Spouse – 75%
  • Children – 25%
  • In the case of an invalid child – 50% (for as long as the invalidity continues)
  • Other dependent persons – 25% (where the claimant was wholly maintained by the deceased the amount shall be 50%).

Funeral Grant

Funeral Grant is a payment made to the person who met the cost of the funeral of the employee/self-employed person whose death was caused by the employment injury or occupational disease.

The amount payable for Funeral Grant under the Employment Injury Benefit is $2,000.00