Funeral Grant

A Funeral Grant is a one-time payment intended to assist with the funeral expenses of:

  1. Employee/self-employed person
  2. Spouse of an employee/self-employed person (includes common law)
  3. Child of an employee/self-employed person under the age of 16 (includes step children and adopted)

The Funeral Grant is paid to the individual who is responsible for or is liable to meet the cost of the funeral of the deceased person.

Funeral Grant

  • Complete the Funeral Grant Claim Form on the NIS Web Portal and submit to the NIS.
  • CLICK HERE to download a Checklist when applying for Funeral Grant.

A Funeral Grant claim must be submitted to the NIS within six (6) months after the death of the deceased. Late claims may be disqualified unless exceptional circumstances prevented the claim from being submitted on time. However, if the claim is late in excess of 12 months from the date of death of the deceased then the Grant cannot be paid.

  • An original invoice/receipt from the funeral agency
  • Death certificate of the deceased
  • Birth certificate (in the case of death of a child of the employee/self-employed person)
  • Marriage certificate (where the spouse of the employee/self-employed person is the deceased)

The Funeral Grant is paid if at the time of death the employee/self-employed person:

  • Was receiving a Sickness or Maternity Benefit or;
  • Would have been entitled to receive a Sickness, or Maternity Benefit but for the fact of death or;
  • Had received or qualified for an Age or Invalidity

In the event that an employee/self-employed person dies from a job-related injury or accident a Funeral Grant is also paid on their behalf. Please enquire further from our Customer Service Department.