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Electronic Submission

Remittances must be submitted electronically via e-mail containing a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


  1. Microsoft Office Excel (any version)
  2. A valid e-mail address

How To

  1. First download the Electronic submission template or request that one be sent to your e-mail address from the NIS office.
  2. Fill out the template.
  3. Ensure that: each employee has an NIS number, the number of weeks worked for each employee is correctly indicated and the period for which the remittance is being submitted is correct.
  4. Save and send the remittance in the form of: an attachment via e-mail  to


Employers and self-employed persons can also pay NIS contributions electronically through the bank.  This is especially convenient for employers who submit remittances electronically as it saves you from having to visit the NIS office just for that purpose.

The contributions paid are credited to the employer’s account the same day on which the actual payment was made.  Additionally a receipt confirming payment is issued  by the NIS.  The date stated on receipt would be the date the transaction was conducted at the Bank. See links below.

Online Payment

Republic Bank Grenada Ltd


Grenada Co-Operative Bank Ltd


CIBC First Caribbean International Bank


Scotia Bank


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