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A self-employed contributor is someone who is not in the employment of a registered employer, but is otherwise gainfully employed.

All self-employed persons are required by law to be registered with the NIS and to pay contributions. The contributions rate for a self-employed person is 11% of gross earnings. Self-employed persons over the age of 60 are required to pay 1% of gross earnings for employment injury benefit. The maximum earnings on which contributions are payable is $5,000.00 per month

Self-employed persons must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be ordinarily resident in Grenada
  • Be gainfully occupied in employment for him/herself in Grenada
  • Not be in the employment of another person

To register as a self-employed person, visit any NIS office with the following documents:

  • Certified birth certificate
  • A valid picture ID
  • Certified marriage certificate (if applicable)

A Self-employed person is entitled to all NIS benefits.