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Survivors Benefit

Survivors Benefit is paid to the widow/widower, children and a dependant parent of an insured person on his/her death. Payment can be either in the form of a pension or a grant. A pension is a monthly payment whereas a grant is a lump sum payment.

N.B. Where death occurs as a result of a job related injury or accident, a DEATH BENEFIT is payable.To claim for a Survivors/Death Benefit you must complete the Survivors/Death benefit claim form and submit it to the NIS office. The claim form must be accompanied by:

  • The death certificate of the deceased
  • The birth certificate of his/her spouse and children. In cases of adoption, all the legal documents must accompany the claim. Where there is a change of name, please ensure that all supporting documents are presented. These include marriage certificate, birth certificate, affidavit, deed poll and any other supporting legal documents.

This benefit is paid to a surviving spouse, children and dependant parent of an insured person who has died. Children are paid until the age of sixteen (16) or up to twenty-one (21) if they are still at school.

Any other person who was financially wholly or mainly dependant upon the deceased for the provisions of the ordinary necessities of life shall be entitled to Death Benefit.

Of the maximum pension available for payment to survivors, the rate of payable is as follows:

  • Spouse - three fourths (3/4)
  • Children - one-fourth (1/4)
  • In the case of an orphan or an  invalid child - half (1/2)
  • Parent - one-fourth (1/4)

Any other dependant person-(1/4) {where the claimant was wholly maintained by the deceased the amount shall be half (1/2)}

A Survivors pension can be paid to a widow or widower for either one year or for life. To receive a survivors benefit for life, the widow or widower must be age fifty (50) or over and has been married to or living with the deceased for three (3) years or more. However, if the widow or widower was under the age of fifty the pension payable would be for one (1) year.

In circumstances where the widow or widower was an invalid at the time of the death of the insured person, then the pension would be payable as long as the invalidity continues.

N.B. In the case of a Death Benefit the widow/widower will receive the benefit for life or until he/she cohabitates.

To qualify for a Grant, the deceased insured person must have paid at least 50 (but less than 150) contributions weeks into the National Insurance Board.  Survivors Grant is paid at 5 times the average weekly insurable earnings for every 50 contribution weeks. This is a Lump Sum payment.

Please Note

  • In addition to his/her Age or Invalidity  pension a widow or widower can also receive fifty percent (50%) of the Survivors benefit
  • Spouse includes persons in common-law relationship. Children include illegitimate, adopted or step-children
  • The dependant parent would  receive the benefit only if the maximum amount payable to the children and spouse is not exhausted
  • Survivors benefit ceases on remarriage or co-habitation