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Maternity Benefit

This benefit is payable to insured women before or after confinement or to a husband whose wife cannot qualify on her own. Maternity Benefit is divided into two categories:

  1. Maternity Allowance
  2. Maternity Grant

A woman is entitled to both the Allowance and Grant; however, the husband can only qualify for the Grant.

Maternity Allowance is paid after the birth of the baby or up to six weeks before the baby’s birth, at a rate of 65% of the woman’s average salary, for a period of 12 weeks (3 months).

A Maternity Grant is paid after the birth of the baby. This benefit is paid to the woman or to the husband of a woman who does not qualify for a Maternity Benefit. The woman or her husband must have paid 50 contribution weeks at any time after being registered with the NIS. (NB the or her husband can receive this benefit even if they are unemployed.

To claim a Maternity Benefit, a claim form signed by a registered medical doctor stating the expected date of confinement or the actual date of delivery must be submitted to the NIS office.  Please note:

  • A midwife can also sign the claim form but only in confinement cases
  • An original birth certificate must be submitted for babies born outside of Grenada
  • A claim for Maternity Grant is made on the form as a Maternity Allowance

To qualify for Maternity Allowance the claimant must:

  • Be registered with the  NIS for at least 30 contribution weeks
  • Have paid at least 20 contributions in the 30-week period immediately before the week of confinement
  • Be employed/self-employed at the time
  • Be between the ages of 16 and 60

An insured person may be disqualified from receiving a Maternity Benefit if she:

  • Works in any week for which payment will ordinarily be made
  • Fails without good cause to take care of her health or to answer reasonable queries made by an officer of the National Insurance Board designated to ascertain continuing entitlement to the Benefit
  • Is in receipt of normal insurable earnings
  • Does not submit her claim form within the time frame specified in the NIS Laws

Claims for Maternity Benefit must be submitted no more than 6 weeks before expected confinement or 3 weeks after the date of confinement.