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Invalidity Benefit

Invalidity Benefit is paid to a person who has exhausted his or her entitlement to Sickness Benefit or where having been examined by a doctor, has been diagnosed as being permanently incapable of work. The benefit may be paid as a Pension or a Grant, depending on the number of contributions paid into the National Insurance Scheme.

Invalidity Benefit is paid to an insured person who(se):

  • Is under the age of 60
  • Has become permanently incapable of work because of some physical or mental illness and is medically certified as being likely to remain incapacitated
  • Incapacity did not arise out of or in the course of employment
  • Is not in receipt of a Sickness benefit or has exhausted all entitlement to Sickness benefit

To qualify for a Pension, an insured person must have at least 150 paid contribution weeks and be under the age of 60. This is a monthly payment as long as the invalidity last.

To qualify for a Grant, an insured person must have at least 50 (but less than 150) paid contribution weeks and be under the age of 60.  Invalidity grant is a lump sum payment and is paid at 5 times the average weekly insurable earnings for every 50 contributions.

If a medical doctor assesses that you are medically unfit for work and is likely to remain incapacitated permanently you are required to complete the Invalidity Benefit claim form. The claim form must be signed by a registered Medical Doctor and then submitted to the NIS office.

A claim for Invalidity benefit must be submitted within 3 months from the date on which the person became eligible to receive the benefit.

The Invalidity Pension is paid at an annual rate of 30% of a person’s average annual insurable earnings during the best four years, (if pension commences in 2007) or the best five years (if pension commences in 2008 and thereafter) of the entire period of the person’s working life.

It is supplemented by 1% of the average annual insurable earnings for each unit of 50 contributions in excess of the first 500 contributions. The maximum amount which can be awarded as an Invalidity Pension is 60% of a person’s average annual insurable earnings

In addition to his/her Age or Invalidity pension, a widow/widower can also receive 50% of the Survivors benefit

An insured person who is entitled to receive an Invalidity Benefit may be disqualified from receiving such benefit if the claimant:

  • Becomes unable to work through his or her own misconduct
  • Fails without good cause to comply with any notice from the Director to attend or submit one’s self for medical or other examination
  • Fails without good cause to attend a course of rehabilitation training following a written notice from the Director
  • Fails without good cause to refrain from behavior calculated to retard his or her recovery
  • Engages in work for which wages would normally be paid