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Some of the staff of the NIS spent the day assisting at the St. Andrew's School for Special Education on April 7th as part of the NIS 33rd Anniversary Celebrations.

Attractive Spaces Available for Rent:

New NIS Complex - Ranging from: 353 sq. ft. to 3,022 sq. ft.

Current NIS Office Building: 3 Floors - up to 9000 sq. ft. per floor

For further Information Contact: NIS Investment Department 440-3309

The NIS Offers Mortgage Loans!

The NIS offers affordable Mortgage Loans at fixed, low-interest rates. 

The NIS wishes to inform the public that the Drop-off box is now located on the ground floor of the new NIS office close to the main entrance.

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Prayer of blessing by Rev. Stephenson Worme

Cultural performance by the NIS Choir!

Hon. Nicholas Steele - Minister of Health & Social Security - Unveiling commemorative plaque

Ceremonial cutting of the ribbon by Mr. Stanley Roberts - former member of the National Insurance Board

On Saturday August 30th, the NIS held its Annual Scholarship Retreat for 39 scholarship holders. 8 new students were added to the program this year and 7 students have graduated after completing their CXC examinations. Over the last 19 years NIS has assisted just under 200 students through this…

A Computer and printer were donated to the St. Ann’s Infant School, Rose Hill St. Patrick. The presentation was made on January 17th, 2014. The principal and three of the students expressed their appreciation to the NIS on behalf of the school for consenting to their request. The principal…

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