How you will benefit

The National Insurance Scheme pays seven (7) benefits in two categories: long and short term. The Long-term benefits are: Age, Invalidity and Survivors. Short-term benefits are: Sickness, Maternity, Funeral and Employment Injury.

Maternity Benefit

Maternity Benefit is payable to insured women immediately before or after confinement or to…

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Employment Injury Benefit

Employment Injury Benefit is paid to insured persons (including the self-employed) who are in…

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Funeral Grant

Funeral Grant is a one-time payment intended to assist with the funeral expenses of:…

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Age Benefit

Age Benefit is a payment made to an insured person who has attained the…

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Invalidity Benefit

Invalidity Benefit is paid to a person who has exhausted his or her entitlement…

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Survivors Benefit

Survivors Benefit is paid to the widow/widower, children and a dependant parent of an…

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Sickness Benefit

Sickness Benefit is designed to supplement wages lost by an insured person who is…

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